8 Questions with Charles Greff


Give us your name and “title” at the church.

Charles Greff – Pastor of Congregational Care

1. How long have you worked here? 

13 years

2. Pretend I’m 8 and tell me what you do here in a sentence or two. 

I connect with people who are new to HCC, provide counseling and visit people in the hospital. My wife Shirley and I are passionate about strengthening families and give ourselves to mentoring marriages and offering resources.

3. Where did you grow up?

I grew up on a farm about an hour south of Regina at a place called Parry.

4. Favourite thing to do when you’re not working?

I love to hang out with family & friends, grandchildren are so much fun and I enjoy movies.

5. Sweet or salty snacks?


6. What’s your 2nd-most embarrassing moment (we’ll let people ask you your first in person)?

I put my back out at the gym some time ago so I was talking to my son Scott on the telephone later, and he wanted to know what happened – so I told him I was lifting huge weights over my head. He said, “sure dad”, he didn’t believe me because we always tease each other so he said he was going to phone his mom and find out what really happened.

The truth was, I was in a hurry and over-extended my reach using a water bottle to wipe down a machine and threw my back out. How embarrassing is that a – water bottle.

7. You’re at Starbucks or Timmies getting a drink. What do you order?

Half decaf half French vanilla.

8. In a sentence, what’s a simple thing God’s been teaching you or speaking to you about lately?

Daily spending time in His presence listening for His voice, more intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

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