8 Questions with Wendy Corpuz


Give us your name and “title” at the church.

Wendy Corpuz – Accounting Clerk

1. How long have you worked here? 

11 years

2. Pretend I’m 8 and tell me what you do here in a sentence or two. 

I get to type on a computer and play with money all day!

3. Where did you grow up?

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

4. Favourite thing to do when you’re not working?

Watch TV and eat junk food 🙂

5. Sweet or salty snacks?


6. What’s your 2nd-most embarrassing moment (we’ll let people ask you your first in person)?

Quite a few years ago, I asked one of my parents’ friends when she was due…and she wasn’t pregnant, just wearing a very billowy blouse!  Never did that again!!

7. You’re at Starbucks or Timmies getting a drink. What do you order?

Starbucks is a caramel machiatto, and Timmies is a steeped tea double double

8. In a sentence, what’s a simple thing God’s been teaching you or speaking to you about lately?

That it’s okay to say “no”.

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