Questions about Harvest_Link_logo-newsite

Harvest Link is a secure, easy-to-use online toolbox that gives you many ways to get better linked to Harvest City life.

Like an ace social administrator, Harvest Link helps do may things efficiently:

  • update your contact information for the church records;
  • register for events;
  • connect with small groups;
  • search the church directory;
  • …and more.

Here’s an example of Harvest Link in action…

Harvest Link web address =

From anywhere on the Harvest City website — click “Harvest Link” in the menu at the top-right corner of the page.

To access features other than the “Find A Group” tool (which is accessible to all), SIGN UP to create your own personal Harvest Link account (see sign-up instructions below). Having an account saves you from having to enter certain information over and over again.

NOTE:  Each individual 19 years and over signs up with a unique email address — login accounts cannot be shared by household members.

  1. Go to Harvest Link (see “How do I access Harvest Link” above).
  2. On the Harvest Link login page, either…
    1. Click on the “Sign up!” link near the bottom-middle of the screen, OR…
    2. Click the “Register” link on the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Fill in all the form’s fields (First Name, Last Name, Login Email and Password). Make a note of the email address you use for your Login Email, as you will use this address every time you login to Harvest Link in the future.
  4. Click the Create an account button.
  5. Go to the INBOX of the login email address you just gave and find the email sent to you from Harvest City Church.
  6. In the email, click the confirmation link to continue the sign-up process.
  7. A new browser window will open. If any further account information is required, the new window will have additional fields to fill in.

Note: The “Home phone” and “Mobile phone” fields are not mandatory, but we ask that you please fill them in.

  1. When you have filled in all the form’s fields, click the Save and create account button.

Your account is now created! For future logins, be sure to remember your login email address and password. Also, please consider opting in to the church directory (see below).

In many cases you can opt into the church directory as soon as you have signed up for a Harvest Link account (see above). However, if your login email address is new to the church records, no ‘Church Directory’ option is listed when you begin to follow the instructions below. That is because, out of respect for people’s privacy, such accounts need to be verified by Harvest City staff.

Once your account is verified (which is usually within a few days), the Church Directory feature will be displayed. Still, as a second level of security, privacy regulations require that you voluntarily opt yourself in. That is a simple matter that only takes a moment to do:

  1. On your Harvest Link ‘Home’ page, click “Privacy Settings.”
  2. When you scroll to the bottom of the Privacy Settings page, you will see a check box labelled “Include me in the church directory….” Just click that checkbox, then the Save privacy settings button and you’re in!

Built-in Help — Another great way to learn about Harvest Link is by using its built-in help system. When you’ve signed up for Harvest Link (see “How do I sign up…” above) and are logged in, you can access the built-in help by clicking the word “Help” near the top right-hand corner of the screen.

You’ll notice that the help system uses the term “InFellowship” — that’s the name of the software that powers Harvest Link.

Reach out — Send us a message using the “Contact Us” link in the menu at the top of the page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Small Group Leaders — You should have received links to documents that help with setting up and managing your group. Can’t find them? Contact us.